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Three Kings Went Forth

Merry Christmas everyone! Reblogging this post from a couple of years ago. Gloria in excelsis Deo!

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WeThree Kings

Green and red. And flashing lights.

The day after Thanksgiving in Colville, all the decorations came out to festoon the lamp poles. And even bigger ones were strung on wires and suspended across Main Street.

And little hearts rejoiced for they knew that Christmas was on the way.  And all that meant to a kid in their childish understanding and expectations. Mostly their expectations.

We were taught Christmas carols and sang them in class. For some reason I was chosen with two other boys to form a trio and learn a carol by heart.

We must have spent a few days rehearsing the number. There were a lot of new and strange words. “Orient,” for instance. And “traverse afar.” I know – two words, but it rolled off our tongues as one.

I don’t remember the lead up, that all fades to the background in the light of the actual…

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