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The Wide and the Narrow

The Wide and the Narrow

Wide is easy
Narrow is hard
So it seems
to the one
Who is on
His guard.

I seldom
Note the matter
Just pass on
Down the road
To the “where”
I must go.

Sometimes it
Is hidden
From my view
A backward
Glance yields
A second
And a third.

Never quite
Making out
The favor
Before me
Not seen
Not looked for.

Even when
Plain to view
Hidden still
To heart and mind.
Desire sleeps

And I pass on
Keeping to
The level grade
The way rises
To meet my feet
And slide them
On their way.

To the open spaces
Elbow free
In the yawning dawn
A fine day
For spinning gold
Put that phone
On hold.

Walk that there
After you
Walk this here
And be back
Before noon.

Time soaks through
Out of reach
And here I am
With no bowl
Left alone
With noisy thought.

What will be the trigger
To stiffen the sagging will?
When will I seek
Out the path
I’ve heard of
And summon
From dim recall?
Will you not
Help me?
Sign the way?
Constrain my feet?
Take the halter
And lead me?

I guess
That is why
Its name is narrow
Compact to meet my sole
To bear me up
To take me where
He goes.

And turn upside down
The understanding
(For the wide seemed
Oh so free and inviting).

But once tasted
There is a longing
To tread on
Where the narrow

To find one self
Lost from one self
And found in
Another’s life.

Drawn on
In the thrall
Of Beauty
(To do so
Is my joy and duty).

To be taught
What I ought
As seen in the
Master’s eye.

And clarify
For these dimmed eyes
The lessons
For my maturing
And repeat them again
For I am
Slow of learning.



About rwoz2

Poet, historian, writer for stage and screen. Responder to Jesus (Romans 5:8)

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