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Rebel Treasure nineteenth post

The train slows to a stop on the stone bridge. Lon drops from the cab and runs back and unhooks the baggage car. He motions to Jimmy, who moves the train forward and stops.

Then, Romeo rides up on the far side of the bridge and there pickets the horses. He meets Jimmy by the engine and together they walk back to join Lon by the baggage car. Jimmy passes out huge crowbars, which they use to tip the car off of the tracks. It hits the water with a tremendous splash and there she rests on her side.

LON (to Jimmy)
All right then.
(motions to the train)
Let’s give the Yanks something else to keep them busy.

Jimmy races forward to the cab, opens the throttle, and jumps back out. As they watch, it picks up steam and chugs away into the night.

And from a place of concealment, the trio watches the cavalry troop split in two. One section rides back to the bridge, while the other chases after the train.

Lon swings down from his horse and points out to the far side of the field, etched silver in the light of the moon.

Are you sure?

(holding up a sextant)
As sure as the sightings that I took last night.

I don’t see the wagon.

A window appears to open in the ground itself, and a square of yellow lamplight beckons to them. Jesse steps out from under a tarpaulin, bearing aloft a kerosene lantern. Behind him the wagon rests below ground level in a hole.

About time you got here. Give us a hand with the shovels.

Let me get a souvenir first.

Why not? We all got ours.

The petty officer and Jesse each hold up a golden ingot. Louis prepares to start shoveling.

Sure seems a waste of all our effort. I can’t see how all this is doing the Confederacy any good.

Lon selects a shiny gold ingot with “1860” stamped on it.

It’s all temporary. Maryland is going to secede; and soon General Harper will be marching over from Harpers Ferry and forces will be coming up from Alexandria– we just need to remember where we left it.

But what if Maryland doesn’t go out?

Well, then, I guess, at least we denied the gold to the enemy.

The petty officer, Jimmy and Romeo all chuckle.

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