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From Psalm 62:1

From Psalm 62:1

Is it really true
That my soul silently
Waits for God?
When the cauldron
Of my life
Is brought to a roiling boil.
Don’t I long to leap out
To save myself
From this unceasing toil
And lash out in my hurt
At an uncaring god?

What are You trying to teach me
As I sink under the pressing wave?
Can it be the thing
I am grasping
And holding to my breast,
The thing I gave life to
And nurtured day by day
Can it be the focus
Of Your anger
The cup to Your wrath?
And I must drink it
If I persist in my own path.

Lord, help me to see always
The deceitfulness of sin
That uncaring god in my life
Who preys on me instead
Help me to keep before me
The knowledge of the ugliness of sin.
And to remind me
That if my spirit is unquiet
Troubled deep within
It is only Your finger
Ploughing up the hardness of my heart
And casting out the impurity
That mars the image of You in me.



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Poet, historian, writer for stage and screen. Responder to Jesus (Romans 5:8)

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