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Rebel Treasure sixth post

Rebel Treasure sixth post

The trio drives up in Toby’s lime green van and parks in front of a Victorian era gingerbread house. Fresh holes pock the front and side yards, turning it into a playground for moles or prairie dogs.

They emerge from the vehicle and line up along the curb.

As you can see, we can rule out the front and side yards.

It’s pretty obvious from the map that this is not the place.

What? This is the family homestead.

I don’t see the confluence of two streams any where about.
(takes out his fax copy)
See. This is indicative of a site with a much larger scale.

Was this property larger at one time?

No, it’s always been a house in the town. The closest stream around here is clear across town, and was never part of the property. I’ll go in and make a couple of calls.

As Toby goes in, Riley takes out his detector, and commences combing the yard. Ben follows a walk around to the back and takes a look. Here, the yard is untouched. Toby steps out the back-door and joins him.

We’re in luck. There is a ranch outside of town that once was in the family. Someone else owns it now. A family called the Slidells.

They collect Riley. Toby takes the driver’s seat, and Ben helps Riley load the detector.

Whew! For a moment there I thought he was going to have us fill in all those holes.
(as he gets in)
The Red Sox by three in the bottom of the eighth.

Toby likes his country music loud, but Ben is oblivious, his concentration lost in study of the original map.

(raising his voice above the radio)
Do the letters on the back of the map mean anything to you?

Toby reaches for the volume and turns it down a shade.

“LON” is short for Alonzo, but that’s all I’m sure about. You?

These two Js could be a nickname, and over here is CUCHILLO, the Spanish word for “knife.”

You don’t say.

They slow down for a long curve, cross a culvert and come to a stop on the shoulder of the road.

This here’s the back of the property and that there is a stream. We can follow it and see if it crosses another.

I’ll check it out. Why don’t you and Riley go around and find the owner and get permission to dig.

Ben slides out of the vehicle. And Riley gets out to change to the front seat.

(hunching down to speak through the window)
You mean, tell them there may be a treasure buried on their property?

Exactly! Honesty is always the best policy. Hopefully we’ll have another partner, eh?

With a grumble, Toby puts the van in gear and goes in quest of the owner. Ben crosses the road and climbs down to the stream.

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