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Rebel Treasure third post

Rebel Treasure third post


The door opens and a column of light illumines the parquet floor. Ben strides in with determination , leaving Abigail to follow. She flips the light switch and looks anxiously after the retreating form of her husband.


Ben heads straight to the bookshelf. He grabs the desk lamp, flicks it on, and twists the neck to direct the beam at a high shelf. He extracts a book that rests in a plastic bag atop several standing volumes.

He place it on the desk and redirects the lamp there and sits down.

Abigail slips into the room. While sliding the volume out of the plastic bag, he notices her.

Hon, go on to bed. I’m going to be up awhile.

She crosses to the desk.

Just one thing.

Are you going to nag?

Who me?  How could I compete with the monkey on your back?

That obvious?

Just remember you’re teaching in the morning.

(Holds up the book)
Alonzo’s journal. I’m just going to refresh my memory.

She turns to leave, but pause at the door.

If you think it makes a good bedtime story, why don’t you come read it to me, Daddy?

(Already absorbed)
Uh huh.


Ben, outfitted in professorial garb, hovers over a griddle, sizzling with bacon and eggs. Satisfied that they’re done, he lifts the griddle and splits the contents between two plates.

Come and get it!

Abigail enters, dressed for the day, and takes a seat. He places her plate before her, and fetches his plate and a pot of coffee before sitting. He leans over the table and busses her cheek.

Good morning, wife!

Good morning, husband! Learn anything?

Alonzo wrote mostly mundane stuff dealing with his day to day doings as a rep for a Mississippi River freight company.


But he did belong to the K.C.G.

The secret society that had a lot to do with the South seceding?

The very one, the Knights of the Golden Circle. After the war they went underground.

Plotting another war?

Lon stated flat out that they were acquiring gold, silver, and weapons in vast quantities and stashing them in a whole string of depositories that they had established across the South and Southwest.

Any indication of where?

No. It seems that Lon did not leave the K.G.C. on good terms. He set up a few repositories of his own. I’m hoping to dig one of them up.

Her face a question mark, Abigail looks up from her breakfast.

For answer, Ben slides the open journal over to her. A stub of a page pokes out from between the other leaves.

I’m going to call my cousin Toby, who lives in the ancestral house, and ask if he can check for the missing page. It just might be a map.

Cousin Toby? Just how many relatives have you got stashed away that I don’t know about?

I don’t know. A dozen, maybe. Yes, a dozen at least in Oklahoma.

I don’t understand, are you giving up on this submarine of yours, and going treasure hunting?

Not at all. A log has never been found for the CSS Gray Whale. I’m betting that he put it with the rest of his valuables.

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