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Rebel Treasure second post

Rebel Treasure second post

Pulled up to the pump at a turnpike gas station, Ben rolls down his window.

(to the attendant)
Fill her up.

Didn’t I see you on Jeopardy?

Why, yes.

(from the backseat)
What are you, psychic? That won’t be aired til next month.

Oh, I was there. I could have been a contestant but messed up too.

The attendant steps away.

But there really was a Gray Whale.
I have an ancestor, Alonzo Turner, who commanded her.

A figure across the gas-pump island, catches Ben’s attention. It’s AGENT SADUSKY. Sadusky touches two fingers to his temple in salute. Ben ignores him.

Hey, isn’t that that FBI agent?

Before Ben can answer, the attendant returns.

That’ll be…uh…30 dollars.

Ben whips out two bills, and returns his gaze to straight ahead.

Agent Sadusky watches Ben’s car as it exits the gas station, and smiles.

Ben’s grim focus remains riveted on the road ahead.

He’s been following me, off and on.


Ben doesn’t answer. Riley tries again.

                                      RILEY (con’t)
What gives? You cheat on your taxes or something?

Riley switches his inquiring gaze to Abigail.

Non-officially, just letting him know that he’s still suspect.

Suspect? Suspected of what?
(dawning comprehension)
Not that missing shipment?
(Abigail nods)
I thought that was a government snafu.

You got that right. I was the one to identify that particular section of the treasure trove as being from the defunct Confederate Government at the end of the Civil War.

And anything Confederate got turned over to the US Government. So?

They interpret my long time identifying it as an indicator of personal interest.


He’s a person of interest.

Ben’s knuckles whiten as his grip tightens on the wheel.


[next pt 3]


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