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The Correction

I will be halting my coverage of ET for a while. I have come to this decision for two reasons.

First, I have a major correction to make to a previous installment. In the ET on Chesapeake Bay post I had referred to Chaplain Junkin and to his being on the Maryland on the trip that the 8th MVM took down the Chesapeake.  It was a mystery that cropped up when I first recorded the events in my research. Certain accounts written by the midshipmen at the academy seemed to have placed Junkin aboard the Maryland at this time. I went with this understanding when I wrote that segment. But I had forgotten that not everything about the accounts lined up.  It was only through further research that I found accounts about Junkin that placed him on another vessel two days after the events I was recording. So back then I had solved this problem, but when it came to write about it recently, I had forgotten this fact, mostly because I have these events chronicled further down the timeline of my notes. So please consider it as corrected. I need to be more deliberate in my writings on this topic, so it may be better served to go with my original plan, writing a book about this historic time.

Second, I need to cut back my posts to once a week instead of twice, for I need the time to concentrate my writing efforts on a series of goals that I have set for myself for this next year. I plan to push to completion a play that I have been working on for some time, and ditto for a musical.  All of this and a spec screenplay to boot.

I may include a few status posts for these projects, and I may post my fourth screenplay in serial form, (a good portion of which came out of my research into these early events of the Civil War).

So stay tuned and Watch This Space.


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