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The Corner Drugstore

CI Swiss Family

As I mentioned, there were businesses on the ground floor of our apartment building.  I dropped in on one religiously once a week.  The corner drugstore.  I spent my weekly allowance there – a whole quarter.
I don’t know if they filled any prescriptions there, all I was interested in were the comic books immediately on view as you opened the door; and the bubble-gum cards and candy in the display counters at the back.  (Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babies, the choice).
I rarely made it past the comic rack. Especially if a new Classics Illustrated was on display.  Sure, I knew about DC comics from my younger days in Spokane, and now came an acquaintance with Marvel, but I always, always, always looked through the CI titles to check if there might be a number that I did not have.
I used to have dreams about being somewhere new, some other city, and finding an exotic title missing from my collection. And strange to say, some of those dreams came true.
Comics montage

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