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My First Script



Some time in those four months that we lived in San Jose I wrote my first script, an historical adaptation.
It was a “road” production to boot.
It utilized a bunch of neighborhood kids, some tricycles, the street out front of the house that we were visiting, some wooden boards, and a couple of opposing driveways (and maybe a garage).
I think I came up with the idea myself, at least I don’t believe anyone “commissioned” it. I had added to my comic collection in Spokane (it must have made the cut to go on the bus), an air Combat comic all about the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
After setting out a bunch of boards along one curb, each with a stack of smaller ones imitating the superstructures, we had our battleship row. I  gave a brief run down on who was to do what, when and where. I was narrator and gave a blow by blow chronicle of the action unfolding before us. It was glorious chaos.
There was even a subplot dealing with a soldier having difficulty starting his jeep (a trike), driving to his P-40 and finally getting into the fight.
At times I have wondered whatever happened to those other kids. Did they develop an interest in performance arts? Was Bruckheimer there? Or Michael Bay?

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